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International removals to the oceanic continent

Our company offers the best service of international transfers from or to Ibiza. If you are thinking of making an international move to Oceania, you are in the right place!

Below we provide you with useful information about moving to Oceania:

Useful information about Oceania

Oceania is an island continent and is made up of Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and the archipelagos of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. Probably the best known country is Australia, but the whole continent has an impressive natural beauty.

It is one of the continents with the lowest population density, with only 5 inhabitants per square kilometer (41 million people live there in total). In addition to English, French and Spanish, Japanese, Tok Pisin and several Austronesian languages are spoken.

Main international moving destinations to Oceania

Oceania is made up of 18 countries or states.

Of these, the main destinations when we make international moves to Oceania are the following.

In Australia:

  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne
  • Canberra

In New Zealand:

  • North Island
  • South Island
  • Stewar Island
  • Chatham Islands

Read on to find out how much an international transfer from Ibiza to Oceania or vice versa costs.

International Moving Quote to Oceania

If for work or personal reasons you have to make an international move to Oceania, in Mudanzas FM Ibiza we can help you.

Our company is specialized in international removals and has the logistics to do it in the most efficient and economical way.

The costs of an international move to Oceania can vary according to different factors: the time of the move, the country of destination, the amount of goods and furniture to be moved, etc.

If you need a personalized estimate for your international move, please contact us.

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